Investing in the right talents

It just occurred to me that some gifts, though flashy and useful now in the present, will become useless when we are in heaven in the future. Prophecy has no use or place when we are home and fully in the presence of God.

Therefore, let us focus on the gifts that will echo into eternity and never be useless – the skill of loving each other well.

May we never be so consumed with being important and useful that we lose sight of the need of loving a neighbor well.

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Diversify Your Dreams – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review

Saw this little blog entry today. It’s good advice for the young generation, which I suppose I’m still a part of. I am grateful to have learned what is said here, otherwise I would have been driven insane by now.

If I could add one thing to this pithy title, it would be this:

Flourish where you’re planted, diversify your dreams.


Diversify Your Dreams – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review.

The call of something different

It was almost too tempting to title this entry the call of the wild.

I’ve been thinking more about what I’m best suited for in this growing and changing world. As social media, smartphones and instant everything paves the pace for the future, I find myself feeling more and more at ease. I am entering into some kind of adrenaline inspired comfort zone. I say this even because (not in spite of) I’m journaling with pen and paper in Starbucks, while checking email, twitter, and writing this post. And it energizes me.

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Who I was / Who I am becoming

I wrote these words down on a piece of paper to make a list today. Two of them, actually.  I know who I was, and I miss him.  But I wanted to see who I was becoming and determine if I liked who he is. Continue reading

Climbing mountains (literally)

A little while ago, I wrote a little thing about climbing mountains.  And I am happy to report that there are real benefits to climbing in silence.  Here is what I have learned from my multiple climbing experiences.

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Saving Groupon, LivingSocial, and other daily deals sites

This post is a response to a couple of articles I recently read predicting how daily deals sites cannot sustain themselves with their current business model.

As a daily deals user, I can attest that repeat business is not something I have provided yet. At best, the deals that I get have served as an opportunity to do something new for date night with my girlfriend. However, I believe there are ways to turn opportunists such as myself into repeat customers and create a loyal fanbase. Here are three ideas to make this happen: Continue reading

Moving at the speed of social networking

A few years ago, when my Nintendo Gamecube broke down, I called them up and told them about my problem. I shipped them my unit and received it back repaired.

Total turnaround time: 7 days. Cost: $0.

A disappointed customer was instantly turned into a super loyal fan. (present problems aside)

In present day, being able to call a company isn’t always a given. A lot of things are done online.
Submitting a complaint form in itself is a gauntlet of frustration that oftentimes filter out the weak.

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Restructuring, Repurposing

I’ve been playing around with tumblr, wordpress and xangafor quite some time now.  It’s been difficult trying to pick just one to work with, but blogger seems like the best bet moving forward since I have more content here than tumblr and wordpress. Also it’s more accessible than xanga.

If I choose to move forward with this I will need to repurpose this blog. It may not be the best place for developing thoughts anymore (thus the name, distillery).  In that case, I will need to go through and privatize some items.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned for now.
//Edit 2011-10-24// I just found out how to import all my entries, with comments, from blogger. So wordpress may be the way to go now. We shall see. More changes to come.

Free Advice

Last night, I may have written my favoritest cover letter for a job posting. They asked that in lieu of writing a cover letter, I take a look at their website and tell them a few things that I would change.

First of all, this is brilliant. They get to see me in action and “at work” so to speak. They also end up getting some free consulting advice.

Secondly, this is fun. I love being able to play around on their site and explore. I love that they would invite me to do so. This speaks volumes about the culture at this company. I am wholeheartedly intrigued.

Thirdly, they are getting a preview of what it would be like to work together. They not only get to see my observations and ideas, they also get to see how I communicate them. I think this is really just an extension of point number one.  My excitement has overtaken me.

Anyways, here is a copy of the letter that I sent. I figure if I’m giving free consulting advice, I might as well post it on the internet. =)

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