Who I was / Who I am becoming

I wrote these words down on a piece of paper to make a list today. Two of them, actually.  I know who I was, and I miss him.  But I wanted to see who I was becoming and determine if I liked who he is. Continue reading


Climbing mountains (literally)

A little while ago, I wrote a little thing about climbing mountains.  And I am happy to report that there are real benefits to climbing in silence.  Here is what I have learned from my multiple climbing experiences.

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Saving Groupon, LivingSocial, and other daily deals sites

This post is a response to a couple of articles I recently read predicting how daily deals sites cannot sustain themselves with their current business model.

As a daily deals user, I can attest that repeat business is not something I have provided yet. At best, the deals that I get have served as an opportunity to do something new for date night with my girlfriend. However, I believe there are ways to turn opportunists such as myself into repeat customers and create a loyal fanbase. Here are three ideas to make this happen: Continue reading

Moving at the speed of social networking

A few years ago, when my Nintendo Gamecube broke down, I called them up and told them about my problem. I shipped them my unit and received it back repaired.

Total turnaround time: 7 days. Cost: $0.

A disappointed customer was instantly turned into a super loyal fan. (present problems aside)

In present day, being able to call a company isn’t always a given. A lot of things are done online.
Submitting a complaint form in itself is a gauntlet of frustration that oftentimes filter out the weak.

But what happens when companies become accessible through social networking? Continue reading