Free Advice

Last night, I may have written my favoritest cover letter for a job posting. They asked that in lieu of writing a cover letter, I take a look at their website and tell them a few things that I would change.

First of all, this is brilliant. They get to see me in action and “at work” so to speak. They also end up getting some free consulting advice.

Secondly, this is fun. I love being able to play around on their site and explore. I love that they would invite me to do so. This speaks volumes about the culture at this company. I am wholeheartedly intrigued.

Thirdly, they are getting a preview of what it would be like to work together. They not only get to see my observations and ideas, they also get to see how I communicate them. I think this is really just an extension of point number one.  My excitement has overtaken me.

Anyways, here is a copy of the letter that I sent. I figure if I’m giving free consulting advice, I might as well post it on the internet. =)

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