Diversify Your Dreams – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review

Saw this little blog entry today. It’s good advice for the young generation, which I suppose I’m still a part of. I am grateful to have learned what is said here, otherwise I would have been driven insane by now.

If I could add one thing to this pithy title, it would be this:

Flourish where you’re planted, diversify your dreams.


Diversify Your Dreams – Daniel Gulati – Harvard Business Review.


The call of something different

It was almost too tempting to title this entry the call of the wild.

I’ve been thinking more about what I’m best suited for in this growing and changing world. As social media, smartphones and instant everything paves the pace for the future, I find myself feeling more and more at ease. I am entering into some kind of adrenaline inspired comfort zone. I say this even because (not in spite of) I’m journaling with pen and paper in Starbucks, while checking email, twitter, and writing this post. And it energizes me.

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